Horse Miracle Nourishing Hair Oil is part of the care for keeping your hair healthy and beautiful. It is especially suitable for dry and brittle hair, but also for periodic treatment of each type of hair in order to strengthen it in depth, to support its growth, to protect it from harmful weather conditions.

No animal tests


No toxic substances

Weight 0,1 kg

La Bella Madlen OOD

Storage temperature

5 ˚С to 25 ˚С


100 ml

Weight, kg


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The nourishing oil contains coconut oil, vitamins and shea butter. The high content of fat, potassium, phosphorus and vitamins in coconut oil are invaluable for the health of the hair.

Shea butter acts as a natural moisturiser, heals skin irritations, protects against heat and cold. For healthy, beautiful, silky and soft hair. Restores and maintains the growth of the hair. The complex of vitamins, coconut oil and shea butter stimulates growth and strengthens the hair in depth, restores the structure of the hair and protects it from harmful weather conditions. Due to the antioxidant properties of the argan oil, your hair will be nourished, elastic, shiny and easy to comb. Suitable for any type of hair.

  • prevents premature hair loss
  • regenerates the hair along its entire length
  • contributes to hair growth stimulation
  • provides hair hydration and nourishment
  • makes hair beautiful, shiny, and vibrant
  • increases hair density and strength
  • provides hair with strength and elasticity
  • restores damaged hair structure
  • visibly regenerates and protects hair
  • nourishes the hair in depth
  • improves hair structure
  • acts against hair ageing
  • Scalp type: normal scalp, all types of scalp
  • Consistency: oil

How to use

Apply to dry hair and massage into the roots. Leave for at least 30 minutes (recommended), then wash. For optimal results, use the products from the same series of La Mell Cosmetics.


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