Creating your own cosmetic brand – PRIVATE LABEL

La Mell Cosmetics has the expertise as well as the production and technological capacity to produce your own cosmetic brand. The standardised raw materials, the closed production cycle and the proven professionals we work with allow us to guarantee that we will make a quality and successful product for you.

What we can produce for you

The whole range of cosmetic products for personal hygiene, incl. creams, face lotions, shampoos, lotions and hair masks, hygienic and intimate gels, disinfectants, sunscreens, etc.

Activities for creating your own cosmetic brand

We offer you a full range of activities from creating the product to its readiness for marketing, incl. selection of packaging, design, composition and consultation for the direction of the new cosmetic product. In case you already have a brand, we will fill it with content. If you have your own material, we can make your custom cosmetics.


New cosmetic products are subject to chemical and physicochemical analysis, testing, approval by a technologist, preparation and submission of registration documents. We can do all this for you. Trust us!

Time frames for creating your own cosmetic brand

Depending on the complexity and volume of the order, we can complete the production cycle of your own brand of cosmetics for a period of 1 (products for general use) to 6 months (for specific products).


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