High quality Bulgarian cosmetics

La Mell Cosmetics is a new Bulgarian brand of high quality cosmetics for hair, face and body – shampoos, hair masks, crystals, serums, lotions, makeup remover oil, micellar water and more. It is a product of a boutique cosmetic company in town of Shumen, which offers a full closed cycle of cosmetic production.

La Mell Cosmetics is a product line offering a series of cosmetics for hair, face and body, developed over the years with desire, love and professionalism. The owner of the company is Madlen Nikolova who is also a manager of La Mell Cosmetics and after years of hard work she has achieved her biggest dream – to have her own cosmetic production and her own brand of cosmetics!

Scientific approach

The greatest advantage of La Mell Cosmetics are the professional technologists – recognised names in the industry who have created the products of the new Bulgarian brand of cosmetics for face, hair and body. The production niche, in which La Mell Cosmetics is developing, is personal care cosmetics of any kind. The main and uncompromising approach in the work on the creation of the series of micellar water for face, anti-hair loss shampoos and shampoos for fast growth and nourishing, as well as body cosmetics, is that they meet all the requirements for standardisation of this type of products.

Quality standards

La Mell Cosmetics meets the Bulgarian and international quality standards. In the process of creating each product, the company takes care of the safety of raw materials, their quality production and storage. Proof of this are the GMP and ISO certificates that the company has.

Innovative ingredients

The specific raw materials used in the shampoos for fast growth and prevention of hair loss have been clinically tested and proven to be effective. They are based on some of the known beneficial effects on humans of the so-called “horse miracle” product. In addition to vitamins A, E and B, La Mell Cosmetics micellar waters contain black caviar, Japanese rose, argan and shea butter and other proven ingredients for facial skin. See more in Products.

Custom cosmetics

Thanks to its rich capacity of production capabilities, technological base and proven professionals, La Mell Cosmetics offers the service of creating your own cosmetics brand.

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